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  • Fremantle's biggest Friday night!

  • Fremantle's biggest Friday night! Providing your favourite dance music in the main room, and best retro throwbacks upstairs! Show your student or backpacker ID and receive half priced entry!
  • Next Gen Wednesdays

  •  ♛ SKRILLEX ♛Born on January 15th, 1988, his real name is Sonny John Moore but ‘Skrillex’ was a nickname he’d had for a while. “(It) really means nothing. Throughout my teen years my friends would call me ‘Skrillex’ or ‘Skril’ or ‘Skrilly’.” The first albums he ever bought were Marilyn Manson’s ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and Nine Inch Nails ‘’Broken’ EP. Angsty!His biggest hit ‘Scary Monsters And[...]