FRI 20TH SEP 24'

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Join us on September 20th at Metropolis Fremantle for an extraordinary night of music featuring Redzed, the Czech rapper and music producer known for his unique blend of rap, nu metal, and classic heavy metal. Born Zdeněk Veselý, Redzed hails from the village of Starovice in the district of Breclav, bringing a fresh and innovative sound to the stage.

Redzed's music is characterized by his use of guitar samples, which he records himself, and his ability to compose and produce beats that transcend traditional boundaries. Despite his Moravian roots, Redzed writes and performs exclusively in English, finding the language's sonorous quality allows for more naturalistic expression without excessive scrutiny.

Don't miss this chance to experience Redzed's genre-defying music live, alongside special guests to be announced. Get your tickets now for a night that promises to be unforgettable!